Eusoh reimburses covered veterinary costs that arise from a pet getting sick or injured. Reimbursement is based on the national average costs veterinarians charge for accidents, illnesses, wellness, and preventive care visits (excluding sales tax where applicable). Your plan includes coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions as well*.

For the full list of what's covered by your Eusoh plan, please use our searchable TrueVet Guide. You can find it on your Dashboard once you've registered or logged into your Eusoh account.

*Coverage is provided as long as symptoms manifest after enrollment.

Eusoh abides by the American Veterinary Medical Association’s principles on the ethical treatment of animals. We will only utilize community funds to reimburse ethical care. If a veterinarian indicates treatment as futile, nor abiding by the AVMA’s policies for ethical care, community funds will not be deployed to reimburse this care. We ask our members to use their best judgment to follow these guidelines.

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